Special collections

These collections are more than special. The preparation time is quadrupled by various creative methods. The artist not only ensures product quality, aesthetics and rendering, but these works are full of extensive research and a unique result demonstrating once again the versatility of the artist and his sense of detail.

Rio does not hesitate to use various materials that specifically match his vision such as crystal, glass, stone, pages of carefully selected books centenarians, metal, rivets pointed or gold leaf to name a few.

Thus the oil painting that the artist is so fond of now becomes but an accessory; the texture taking on a new meaning – a dimension taking life through light.

  • Andromède 4 X 20/20 vendue
  • Éclosion 40/48
  • Rapace 18/20 vendue
  • sous bois 30/36 vendue
  • Sommet 36/30
  • Diamant noir 30/36
  • Odreodon
  • Plexiglass crane de rose numerotté 750$
  • Zenith 36/72
  • geode 36/48
  • transparence 24/30 vendue